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Convert text into natural-sounding speech using an API powered by Hekate’s AI technologies.

  • Improve customer interactions with intelligent, lifelike responses
  • Engage users with voice user interface in your devices and applications
  • Personalize your communication based on user preference of voice and language
Key features

Key features

Speaking rate tuning

Adjust your speaking rate to be 4x faster or slower than the normal rate.

Audio format flexibility

Convert text to MP3, Linear16, OGG Opus, and a number of other audio formats.

Volume gain control

Increase the volume of the output by up to 16db or decrease the volume up to -96db.

Audio profiles

Optimize for the type of speaker from which your speech is intended to play.

User cases

Voicebots in contact centers

Deliver a better voice experience for customer service with voicebots on Dialogflow that dynamically generate speech, instead of playing static, pre-recorded audio. Engage with high-quality synthesized voices that give callers a sense of familiarity and personalization.

Voice generation in devices

Enable natural communications with your users by empowering your devices to speak humanlike voices as a text reader. Build an end-to-end voice user interface together with Speech-to-Text and Natural Language to improve user experience with easy and engaging interactions.


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