In ordinary people’s perception, artificial intelligence (AI) often appears as a robot companion or a robot, such as the “Samantha” character in “Her”. But in reality, this technology is more practical than we think, it helps us find the key points in millions of complex data and makes daily products more useful. AI has powered other technologies a lot and is solving some of society’s biggest unresolved challenges. 

Over the past few years, Hekate has invested a lot in applying core AI technologies to projects that have a positive impact on society, including providing medicines for the LGBT community, introducing and providing up-to-date information about covid19, medical care and treatment. Since 2020, we have put full efforts into projects for social good, with the cooperation of external organizations to find solutions to challenging problems. 

But we know that it’s a long-term process and it takes a long way to have all answers — or even to have a comprehensive understanding of problems in society. We really expect people from many different places, many different professions to be able to have a look at problems that AI can solve and be empowered to create solutions themselves. We are ready to listen and consult the most suitable AI-powered ways to ensure each product’s quality. 

To give you an idea of the potential benefits AI can bring, here are a few examples of how Hekate has used AI over the past few years: 

Writing Books – a knowledge tool to young people (Nym – My future self) 

From the data of millions of young people’s stories and the knowledge of more than 3000 books, AI has synthesized and written a forecast chapter about the development of technology in the near future and there AI will become the most basic technology of all industries, all professions, and all people. 

Helping Citizens Communicate With Government Effectively 

The barrier between people and the government has been narrowed down. AI can automatically organize information and proactively answer people’s frequently asked questions, in order to minimize queuing, waiting, or negative interactions between the government and residents. 

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Counseling on HIV Prevention Drugs for the LGBT+ Community 

AI integrates data and automatically provides HIV prevention expertise, such as information on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), anywhere and anytime! If more information is required, the LGBT+ community will be directed to one of the trained admins. 

Providing Information about Covid19 to the Community 

The AI quickly identifies associated symptoms and risk factors for infection, provides pandemic-related information, and suggests next steps such as contacting a medical facility, or self-treatment at home for people who do not need immediate medical care. 

The 1022 chatbot project was implemented and completed in 2018, with the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam, approved by the City People's Committee in Decision No. 5479/QD-UBND on November 19, 2018. The technical consulting partner is Hekate Technology Joint Stock Company.

We are excited to see NGOs, developers, and social entrepreneurs around the world coming up with new ideas, using AI to solve pressing social problems, and Hekate is looking forward to supporting them as best we can with the technological advantages we have. 

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