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Accurately convert speech into text using an API powered by Hekate’s AI technologies.

  • Transcribe your content with accurate captions
  • Deliver better user experience in products through voice commands
  • Gain insights from customer interactions to improve your service
Key features

Key features

Speech adaptation

Customize speech recognition to transcribe domain-specific terms and rare words by providing hints and boost your transcription accuracy of specific words or phrases. Automatically convert spoken numbers into addresses, years, currencies, and more using classes.

Easily compare quality

Experiment on your speech audio with our easy-to-use user interface. Try different configurations to optimize quality and accuracy.

Domain-specific models

Choose from a selection of trained models for voice control and phone call and video transcription optimized for domain-specific quality requirements. For example, our enhanced phone call model is tuned for audio originated from telephony, such as phone calls recorded.

STT On-Prem

Have full control over your infrastructure and protected speech data while leveraging Hekate’s speech recognition technology on-premises.

User cases

Improve customer service

Empower your customer service system by adding IVR (interactive voice response) and agent conversations to your call centers. Perform analytics on your conversation data to gain more insights into the calls and your customers. 

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Enable voice control

Implement voice commands such as “turn the volume up,” and voice search such as saying “what is the temperature in London?” Combine this with the Text-to-Speech API to deliver voice-enabled experiences in IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

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