Welcoming the Generation Z into the workplace is considered as greate challenge for many corporations due to the ideological differences between different generation. Learn more about Gen-zers’ characteristics and ways to keep them in the workplace.

Collaborating virtually allows people to comfortably hide their physical appearance and expression but it comes with a great threat as people behind the screen will keep doubting the others’ credibility. Fostering trust among employees must be paid attention before it affects business performance.

Cybersecurity threat is increasing given the rapid growth of technology. The need for the adjustment of protection measures is one of the company’s priorities. Let’s take a look to the best recommended solutions to protect your digital assets.

AI’s ability to assist home office issues such as promoting real-time collaboration, following up with employee’ health, boosting productivity and performance, and many more. Working from home can be a challenge but with the support of AI, we all can overcome.