In line with Hekate’s talent attraction efforts, we have established an official assessment structure to evaluate new projects, products, and deals. Thoughtful decisions require careful and nuanced consideration of how the AI principles (aimed at the highest level to allow flexibility as technology and circumstances evolve) should be applied, how to balance when principles confront and how to minimize the risk to a situation. 

The assessment structure consists of three core pillars: 

  • An innovation team is responsible for handling day-to-day operations and initial assessments. This team includes user researchers, social scientists, ethologists, human rights experts, privacy and policy advisors, and legal professionals on a full-time and part-time basis, allowing diversity of perspectives and fields. 
  • A group of senior experts from many fields, being technology partners who provide expertise in technology, functionality, and applications. 
  • A board of senior executives to handle the most complex and challenging issues, including decisions that affect multiple products and technologies. 


AI applications we will not pursue 

Apart from above applications, we will not design or implement AI in the following cases: 

  • Technology that causes or is likely to cause overall harm. In the event of severe harm is likely to occur, we will proceed only when we believe the overall benefits outweigh the drawbacks and will incorporate appropriate safety measures. 
  • Weapons or other technologies whose primary purpose or operation is to cause or directly injure a person. 
  • Technologies that collect or use the information to monitor internationally unaccepted standards. 
  • Technology whose purpose goes against generally accepted principles of international law and human rights. 

Long-term Artificial Intelligence Development Plan 

While this is how we chose to approach AI, we understand that more voices are required during this evolution. As AI technology goes further, we will work with a range of stakeholders to foster leadership in the industry, based on scientifically rigorous and multidisciplinary approaches. And we’ll continue to share what we’ve learned to improve AI technologies and practices. 

Until now, the variety in the scope of artificial intelligence applications is considered to be helping us build a framework to extend this process across Hekate products and technologies. This framework will include the establishment of an external advisory group, consisting of experts from various fields, to complement the internal management and processes outlined above. We are committed to take thoughtful consideration of these important issues and appreciate the contribution of many groups to the assessment of projects and the evolution of our technological approaches. 

We believe, with the mission of “bringing the benefits of artificial intelligence to everyone”, we will bring AI into all walks of life in the most natural and useful way, helping to improve everyone’s life. 

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