Gen Z is a term for a generation born from 1996 to 2010, a large chunk of individuals who are currently a student or just entering the workforce. Given the prospects that a great demographic shift from Generation X, Baby Boomers, and even Generation Y to Gen Z is becoming more prevalent, employers need to ensure they correctly understand this fresh young source of the workforce in order to devise a suitable plan for attracting, recruiting, training, and maintaining an excellent gen Z in the workplace.

Before heading to the solutions for retaining them at work, there are 6 essential characteristics of a gen-Zer that employers need to be aware of before planning strategies for retaining a gen-Zer

1. Gen Z are genuinely Tech-savvy

As a generation that witnessed most of the tremendous technological outbreaks, passively emerged themselves in the rise of social networking and always being wired connected (now wifi connected), they become a hypercognitive generation in terms of using the internet for learning, collecting information, and sharing it to the world. Therefore, integrating virtual and online experiences becomes their preferred means of communication.

Gen Z in workplace

2. Searching for the truth is their core behaviour

Being born during numerous historical events such as the great 2008 recession, the normalization of gay marriage, the rise of social networking, climate change, and corporate social responsibility, all these issues shaped a new expectation for their purpose in life. In fact, Gen Z is highly analytical and realistic when it comes to making decisions. 65% of Gen Zers in a research conducted by McKinsey showed that they particularly valued the state of having control over what happens around them and were eager to search for the truth.

3. Gen Z acutely prioritize personal privacy

According to a survey done by PWC in terms of assessing the degree toward how different each generation is regarding the trading-off liberties for employment, Gen Z, in this case, is shown to be the least generation to be comfortable giving access to their personal data. Instead, they prefer to have their data sharing when it adds value to their lives and can publically condemn the reveal of their data for predatory practices of big tech companies.

4. They expect diversity in the workplace

With a core behavior of seeking the truth, Gen Zers are fully welcome and encourage diversity in gender and race. In other words, any inequality based on those topics and sexual orientation will be brought to discussion straightly, and even worse, create a big conflict in the workplace. 

5. work-life balance and well-being are always on top priorities

Being in the era full of the mental health crises where more than 9 in 10 Gen Z adults reported suffering at least one physical or emotional issue due to stress. And the rates of depression are approximately 2/3 higher than millennials. These problems lead to a well-developed awareness of their mental health protection when they enter the workforce.

6. They require job security

Experiencing various momentous events through their youth makes them keen on having a job that can guarantee a stable life. Managers can see them in the hardest-working group of young people in a decade or even two if they can prove the security and nurturance during the work. 

Here are 6 ways for an employer to motivate and retain Gen Z-ers in the workplace:

1. Promote personal communication and feedback

It is advisable to provide them with interpersonal feedback on their job in a real-time manner. This will foster bonds between them and the manager and keep their head updated with what is happening around them, their performance, and which parts need to be reviewed and eventually motivate them to work and enhance productivity.

2. Cultivate the workplace culture

As they value personal identity, they also wish to be involved in a company that has a unique culture, fosters collaboration, and strives for innovation. The ability to build a balanced culture between individuals in a company is a method to show that your company cares for equality in the relationship between peers.

3. Encourage diversity

Having policies supporting gender equality and opposing racism will be the first positive impression for a company when attracting this young workforce. A company nurturing social and connection needs ethnically makes them feel comfortable and safe to work in.

4. embrace advanced technology

A research study from Dell Inc., 80% of Gen-Z strives to work with cutting-edge technology. They aspire to work for innovation where all tedious, repetitive tasks are automated, creating room for personal creation. Gen Z-ers also believe that technology is a key to transforming the ordinary way of future work and life, especially in this physical blockage due to Covid-19.

5. offer opportunities for training and career development

Training is more than a tool for productivity. In fact, this approach is proved to be an effective employee retention method. Gen Zers do not want their career becomes stagnant. They are eager to see the growth in their career and whether it is worth putting their effort into it. A company that can provide a clear map for their advancement will win Gen Z-ers’ hearts in an interview and turn them into hard-working employees in the future.

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