Music composing, books writing, public administration voicebot, customer experience improvement -these are just a few examples of how researchers, engineers, and user experience specialists in Hekate turned the ideas in their partners’ imaginations into reality. 

In 2020, Hekate focuses on conducting research, developing applications, and building new technologies that make the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence much more effective, enjoyable, and equitable. One of our main objectives over the past years is to create user-friendly tools for visualizing machine learning (ML) datasets and training ML models (mathematical equations that represent steps the machine will complete to make a decision) on partner platforms. To simply put, this means that anyone with an internet connection can use our AI products. 

AI’s assistance to compose music and write books 

In July 2020, we officially cooperated with author Nguyen Phi Van to launch the book “Nym – My Future Self”. The book marked the first milestone that AI can self-compose books and music in Vietnam. We used machine learning, natural language processing as well as big data technologies to teach AI more than 3000 books including author Nguyen Phi Van’s books so that AI could have enough knowledge and skills to write the first paragraphs. The topics AI wrote were all the most discussed ones between GenZ and Sumi (an AI that was created and nurtured 4 years ago) at that time. 

After AI finished writing the passage by itself, the author Nguyen Phi Van made some edits on the sentences and words to be more consistent and smoother for readers. We have to admit that the AI-generated passage was often filled with out-of-order paragraphs, or with oddities that were useless in accelerating the plot, serving the story, or assisting in any way. Although AI can excel in imitating authors or users on a low-level basis (for example, a few sentences at a time), it still fails to create a larger structure that gives a sense of satisfaction for the author himself and users (like a completed work of art). 

Instead of feeling afraid that one day AI will replace authors and composers, Hekate looks at the problem from a very different perspective. We hope artificial intelligence will motivate authors in positive ways when AI becomes a partner or tool to boost their own creativity. AI can suggest interesting ideas, help us behave more flexibly and creatively. 

Voicebot in public administration 

Upgraded based on chatbot platform with the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam, approved by the City People’s Committee to receive aids at Decision No. 5479/QD-UBND on November 19, 2018, Hekate’s Voicebot application makes it easy for users to search for information by voice. Using voice-to-text and word-to-speech technology, citizens can interact, receive requests, or access information related to public services such as administrative procedures, and other public information such as results of handling administrative documents; bus routes, information on vehicles violating traffic fines, information on vaccination facilities, clinics, pharmacies; food hygiene and safety standards-met businesses or restaurants; event calendars, weather, tourist attractions, tourist vehicle operating permits, public toilets and so on. In addition, the voicebot can receive requests and guide people to making appointments for medical examination, treatments, vaccination, administrative procedures without the presence of the switchboard staff. 

This application in public administration has completed our mission that everyone can access artificial intelligence in the easiest way and just with voice, users can control their lives in a much more convenient way. Thanks to innovations in artificial intelligence technology, chatbot 1022 was honored to enter the final round of GO SMART AWARD in 2020 and Da Nang was also ranked the top in online public service integration on the national public service portal. 

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AI integration on various platforms 

In the past, we simply used Facebook-based AI technology to create chatbots for customer support. However, in 2020, we have integrated and expanded artificial intelligence applications on many platforms such as Zalo, Telegram, Line, Skype, and Slack to serve more purposes such as Marketing, task management, and recruitment. 

Expanding AI applications on a variety of platforms has really marked a huge turning point for Hekate in meeting more business needs, solving many pressing problems in society, and bringing more benefits of artificial intelligence to everyone. 

2020 is a special year when everyone’s activities seem to come to a halt due to the pandemic but at Hekate, we have never stopped developing new technologies, discovering new problems, and creating the best artificial intelligence solutions for communities and businesses not only in Vietnam but also in the global market to step by step become a leading artificial intelligence application company in the world. 

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