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Our social mission

Hekate is proud to be UNDP’s Asia-Pacific private sector partner. We are driving forward technological solutions that measure and advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We want to create a fertile and open space where new ideas can germinate, interact and flourish. We hold a firm belief that the future is better and brighter, and we’ll give it our all to make this happen. Our work finds purpose when we create effective solutions that can catalyse positive social impact. 

When people from diverse skills and backgrounds work together towards a common cause, amazing things can happen. We want to help create a better world and we have the courage to do it with transparency and integrity.

How we create impact

Meet passionate organisations and company from all walks of life who are putting AI innovation into action to transform our world.

A common voice between parents and their children

Create a website for young people to speak up about issues related to mental health, so that their parents and related organizations and authorities able to understand the inner stories of their children and offer solutions to improve the mental health of the next generation in Vietnam

Protecting children and mothers from birth

With cooperation between the government including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications in Vietnam and A&T, we build AI models to identify advertising violations related to formula feeding. We hope to be able to contribute to the sustainable physical development of children and pregnant mothers

LGBT+ is never left behind

In partnership with Path and USAID, we built a chatbot to help the LGBT+ community to address HIV and they can get instant professional advice on HIV prevention by sending questions through the messenger app – anywhere, anytime! We hope that this chatbot can accompany and protect the health of each person in the LGBT community always because we believe that you deserve to be treated fairly and kindly.

upgrading future skills for young people

Cooperating with author Nguyen Phi Van to launch the first book written by AI, we want to share practical and necessary issues for young people in the future. The book’s 20 chapters, respectively, are interesting technology-impacting perspectives on dress, accommodation, travel, sex, friends, family, education, lifestyle… topics that any young person needs to be equipped to survive and thrive in in the increasingly powerful digital era.

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